Supporting the distribution of humanitarian aid in Syria with a conflict tracking system

Developing a new strategic and operational planning system for an International Development Agency involved with the provision of humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons and vulnerable populations in Syria.

More productive communication in team meetings and briefings from use of interactive 3D data visualisations

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisations & Dashboards, Mapping & Spatial Analysis 

Enhanced data consistency through cloud-base architecture for field data collection with office-based analysis. 

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Management & Strategy

Better informed decision makers from granular-level reporting via strategic and operational dashboards with analytical thematic layers.

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Faster and more secure data sharing through the development of a Data Governance Framework for humanitarian assistance. 

Sandbox Services: Data Management & Strategy

Reduced workload using automated, data-driven reporting to provide evidence-based insights for trustees, management, and donors.

Sandbox Services: Technical Project Management, Insights & Reports

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