Sandbox Analytics is a full-service data consultancy that is specifically designed to support businesses and organisations who want to unlock the power of geospatial data. Since it was founded in the United Kingdom in 2020, it has grown rapidly to provide a comprehensive range of data services and technical project management support for clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors.  

Today, its highly qualified network of consultants continue to deliver innovative analytics and projects to make data more useful and usable. From developing A.I. models that forecast political risk in Africa to managing Data Preparedness Programmes that enable early intervention by humanitarian agencies – our mission is to unlock the power of data for our clients.


Clients choose Sandbox Analytics because we offer a full-service data consultancy alongside comprehesive technical project management support. We also understand the value of location in data and are experts in unlocking its potential for clients.

We are a full-service data consultancy. Further detail about what we do can be found in the Services section of our website

Please take a look at the Selected Projects area of this website to see some examples of systems and solutions we have designed and built.

A sandbox, in the context of data analytics, is a scalable, developmental platform used to explore data sets through interaction and collaboration. Its the perfect place to start exploring what can be done with data for our clients and the first place we use data visualisation to help clients connect with their data in a new way.

We use an Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement to ensure that the intellectual property rights in any work developed for a client, are owned by the client.