Upgrading information management for a US investment bank

Working with a boutique, U.S. investment bank that provides independent advice on energy transactions to upgrade its information management capability. Sandbox Analytics designed and built a custom data system that brings together information feeds and analytical assessments for Northern Libya and other volatile regions in the world with proven oil reserves.

Enabled faster decision making and stronger client communication using a front-end, interactive 3D data visualisation

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Improved information management for the advisory team using data engineering to bring together analytical layers and real-time data.

Sandbox Services: Data Management & Strategy, Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Visualisations & Dashboards

Freed up people to focus more time on running their organisation by using configurable alerts via email and text.

Sandbox Services: Data Management & Strategy, Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Visualisations & Dashboards

Made data accessible to technical and non-technical team members enabling cross-channel publishing via a new Information Mangement System.

Sandbox Services: Technical Project Management, Insights & Reports

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