Making road travel safer in conflict-affected and high-risk areas

Supporting a Private Military Contractor with its Journey Risk Management Operations Centre in Kabul, Afghanistan by developing a Security Incident Analysis System (SIAS) that identifies lower risk routes and safer time windows for road movements.

Increased data security and data processing speed by implementing a new secure data architecture that stores and fuses multiples data sources.

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Management & Strategy

Improved communications in team meetings and briefings of complex environments using interactive 3D visualisation of security incidents.

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Safer road travel from use of predictive time pattern data analysis built on a 36-month historical incident heat diary.

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Enhanced Journey Risk Management planning via geo-spatial analysis and route risk classification.

Sandbox Services: Data Mapping and Spatial Analysis

Raised situational awareness using custom risk dashboards with Fleet GPS tracking for Security Managers.

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards, Data Architecture & Engineering

Reduced uncertainty on longer routes from contour analysis function for journey management and comms planning beyond Kabul.

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation & Dashboards 

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