Enhancing portfolio risk management of FTSE-listed, multinational corporations

Bringing the benefits of data science and analytics into Portfolio Investment Management by developing a system that tracks asset exposure to country risk for FTSE-listed, multinational corporations.

Improved data management using data engineering to convert internal, unstructured data into an asset database with API.

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Management & Strategy

Expanded business capability using advanced data analytics to create a data model that combines asset exposure and country risk. 

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Saved time through automated tracking of risk with custom alerts for each portfolio, business division and individual asset.

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Analysis, Data Visualisations & Dashboards

Enhanced cross-department collaboration with new data architecture that enabled the creation of data-driven reports for clients.

Sandbox Services: Technical Project Management, Insights & Reports

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