Helping an academic working group combat fake news and misinformation

A micro-project supporting a research team at a Russell Group university with pattern analysis of news diffusion and misinformation surrounding the 2017 Manchester and London terrorism incidents.

Provided new insights for the research project using innovative, multi-level data visualisations to analyse patterns and trends.

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Freed up team members to focus more time on their analysis and research using automated data pipelines to process information feeds into a single database.

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering

Enhanced team communication and productivity by designing an interactive, 3D data visualisation of geo-coded news reports.

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards, Data Mapping, Spatial Analysis

Improved visibility and usability of data using analytical dashboards for pattern analysis of news diffusion and misinformation.

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisations & Dashboards

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