Enabling a risk consultancy to track, analyse and visualise political risk

Working with a leading Risk Advisory Firm to create a new information system that uses Big Data analytics to track, assess and visualise political risk across Africa and generate data-driven reports for their clients within the Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Finance sectors.

Created a single-source-of-truth by integrating multiple data sources and oversized, unstable Excel spreadsheets into a centralised database.

Sandbox Services: Data Architecture & Engineering, Data Management & Strategy

Enabled faster-decision making and stronger client communication using a front-end, interactive 3D data visualisation of political risk.

Sandbox Services: Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Freed up people to focus more time on running their firm by designing in automatic risk model updates.

Sandbox Services: Data Management & Strategy, Data Architecture & Engineering

Enhanced visibility and usability of data using analytical dashboards to improve forecasting and provide early indicators of change.

Sandbox Services: Data Analysis, Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Increased data accuracy and value using advanced data analytics to deliver time-series risk analysis.

Sandbox Services: Data Management & Strategy, Data Analysis

Expanded business-capability with a new product line of data-driven reports for the firm's clients.

Sandbox Services: Technical Project Management, Insights & Reports

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